Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hot Springs Fire and Rescue floor tile

I was there a few months ago for my ACLS recertification and I had my cell phone with me. Their floor tile design in the community room is a quilt design. So I took a photo of it. I drafted a 12.5" quilt block and a 24.5" quilt block. When I told one of the members, who is on our hospital transport team, she asked if I could make them a quilt to raffle off for their upcoming convention. Who am I to say no? LOL, anyway, here is all three photos. The 12.5" one, which is the first block I made, unfinished each piece is 2"x2", the flying geese are 2"x3.5". The pink and yellow quilt is mine, my Spring Quilt, and the Hot Springs Fire and Rescue one has the blue for the river and streams, green for the mountains, red for fire/rescue. The background, I literally had to scrape together all that I had to make the last 12 blue flying geese.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 pocket purses

I accidently ruined a purse I made, so needed to make a new one. An improved one. So I did. My own design I need to say. It has 12 pockets-6 on the outside, 6 on the inside. I place a firm bottom piece in the purse so it doesn't sag-and the is 4 3/4 inches by 12 inches!. What is neat is the outside pockets. Themes. I've done lighthouses, mountain view, horses, sheep, flowers, firefighter, acorn and possum. Each outside pocket is trimmed in black, has a black fastener and black handles. I try to find a button that looks good with the theme pocket. I now have some black print fabric to do black/ black & white with red trim. I think that will turn out nice. It should, I just did 10 purses, much smaller than these for my daughter. Unfortunetly I don't have photo of all that I've made but here are some. I only do about 6 of each theme.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Life in general

I've been busy with work and making snowglobes out of fabric. It is for a swap I'm doing on scratchingpost yahoo group. The house cleaning is a hit or miss-nothing as changed with that! LOL Plus I need to square up my 6.5" hearts for a swap I'm doing on justquilting and I need to find a star pattern or two for anothe swap on a different group and get cracking on making them! Plus finish putting the blocks into a quilt for a commissioned quilt with applique cats on it.

I'm also working on a 12" applique of the stain glass that is above our tabernacle to place on my priest chausible. I've done a 22" version, so this is just a little bit challenging, but it gives me an excuse to sit in front of the telly with my feet up and be creative.

Megan has a website now to sell her photos on. She has several more photos to post. She has some beautiful ones. So take a look.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Family vacation II

Here are the rest of the pictures.

I have 5 fancy windows. 2 that are alike are colored textured glass in blue, green, yellow, pink and the cente oval clear with a 'frost design'.

The Palladio window above my sewing 'studio'. Then we have the Fleur de Lis window which sits at the bottom of my 20 step staircase and the spiderweb window which is Adam's room.

All of them needed to be scrapped, primed, glazed and painted.

I forgot to add the Adam came in from VA TECH and Lena his girlfriend came in from Remington VA which made the weekend that much sweeter.

We used a 40' ladder for the roof and all the windows. 2 8' ladders and 1 6' ladder for the Porte Cachere. With the loan of some tools and the 40 footer from friend Ron and one 8 footer from my next door neighbors.

Family vacation

A few months ago I emailed my brother Bill in Michigan to ask him how to patch a leak in my roof. Well guess what!? He came for a working vacation! He brought his sweet wife Kellie, precious little girl Erin and Mom. Then brother Shon from MD came for an overnight visit with his two great kids Kirstin and Brian and then later my third brother Jim from DE came for an overnight visit. And everyone worked. Bill and Mike got the roof patched and tracked down a few more leaks, Kellie was scrapping, priming, painting my 5 fancy windows, with Bill reglazing. The Porte Cachere was scrapped, power washed, primed and painted also. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. And for the first time ever, I cried when they pulled out of my driveway to go home. I hated straightening up my house because it was removing evidence they were here. Here are the photos, probably in two parts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I made this quilt using 4 different lilac prints for the Stanley & Isabel Bristol Family Reunion raffle. My mom won it! My friend is helping me hold it up. The partial body is me. This was from a couple of years ago. I'm going to make another one in this pattern but using flame fabric.

Regina's Monet

I finished this quilt top at the retreat this past March. It's for my friend Regina. It is Monet's Countryside. I had enough fabric to make one for Megan also. The Pattern is called Summer Window from a defunct block of the month website that they graciously left the patterns up. Go take a look at the patterns!