Saturday, December 4, 2010

12 pocket purses

I accidently ruined a purse I made, so needed to make a new one. An improved one. So I did. My own design I need to say. It has 12 pockets-6 on the outside, 6 on the inside. I place a firm bottom piece in the purse so it doesn't sag-and the is 4 3/4 inches by 12 inches!. What is neat is the outside pockets. Themes. I've done lighthouses, mountain view, horses, sheep, flowers, firefighter, acorn and possum. Each outside pocket is trimmed in black, has a black fastener and black handles. I try to find a button that looks good with the theme pocket. I now have some black print fabric to do black/ black & white with red trim. I think that will turn out nice. It should, I just did 10 purses, much smaller than these for my daughter. Unfortunetly I don't have photo of all that I've made but here are some. I only do about 6 of each theme.

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