Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hot Springs Fire and Rescue floor tile

I was there a few months ago for my ACLS recertification and I had my cell phone with me. Their floor tile design in the community room is a quilt design. So I took a photo of it. I drafted a 12.5" quilt block and a 24.5" quilt block. When I told one of the members, who is on our hospital transport team, she asked if I could make them a quilt to raffle off for their upcoming convention. Who am I to say no? LOL, anyway, here is all three photos. The 12.5" one, which is the first block I made, unfinished each piece is 2"x2", the flying geese are 2"x3.5". The pink and yellow quilt is mine, my Spring Quilt, and the Hot Springs Fire and Rescue one has the blue for the river and streams, green for the mountains, red for fire/rescue. The background, I literally had to scrape together all that I had to make the last 12 blue flying geese.

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