Friday, July 23, 2010

Family vacation

A few months ago I emailed my brother Bill in Michigan to ask him how to patch a leak in my roof. Well guess what!? He came for a working vacation! He brought his sweet wife Kellie, precious little girl Erin and Mom. Then brother Shon from MD came for an overnight visit with his two great kids Kirstin and Brian and then later my third brother Jim from DE came for an overnight visit. And everyone worked. Bill and Mike got the roof patched and tracked down a few more leaks, Kellie was scrapping, priming, painting my 5 fancy windows, with Bill reglazing. The Porte Cachere was scrapped, power washed, primed and painted also. I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. And for the first time ever, I cried when they pulled out of my driveway to go home. I hated straightening up my house because it was removing evidence they were here. Here are the photos, probably in two parts.


Pat from FL and MI said...

Judy, what a terrific family you have! The windows etc. look wonderful. Love it!

Clinton Comes said...

Aw. That was very sweet of your brother and sister-in law. I think that’s what you call a familial bond. No matter what your problem is, they will be there to offer a helping hand. And they definitely did a fine job on your windows and roof. It looks polished and refined, like it was done by a professional roofer! Now, you don’t have to worry about roof leaks since your brother gave it a permanent fix. [Clinton Comes]