Sunday, November 16, 2008

quilts back from Glen!

I received two quilts back from Glen 11/15, my dh's birthday! What a lovely gift for me. LOL. The first one is a 5.5" 30's repros bowtie I did on a group I used to be with a few years ago, I finally put it together. The second one is the back of my mystery quilt. the flower design is on the friendship star then he heavy quilted the red background, the chain like design is the top of the heart, he framed in the siggie strips of the heart and heavy quilted the bottom of the heart and did the neat design on the border. I still need to bind them.
I have a yard of 30's repro somewhere in the house, sigh, and I'm binding the mystery friendship quilt in black. The poppies have an orange tone to them, I didn't realize it until I put it on the border, but I really like the poppies, so I'm binding it in black which goes great with all the fabrics in the quilt.
I have two more to send off to Glen. My goal is to create a new one and put together a WIP so I can get my drawers cleared out!

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