Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Retreat

I went to my first quilt retreat this weekend! It was held by Patchwork Plus in Dayton VA at Massanetta Springs Conference Center on Rt 687 in Harrisonburg. It was wonderful, marathon of sewing by everyone. I swear moving vans were coming in. Such a variety of sewing and embroidery machines! And the projects the quilters brought to work on. BEing a newbie, I only brought 1.5 projects, thinking I'll be lucky if I finish the first one. That was finished the first night there! LOL, it is a row by row that I did with Justquilting yahoo group. None of the quilters at the retreat had seen an internet quilt and everyone liked it, plus the finished Americana internet quilt I had done with another group. I'll post a photo of that in the next set of pictures. I only could do 5 at a time.
The gal who I'm standing next to, her name is Shirley, I met her at the scratching post yahoo group and she invited me! Very nice person, I hope to see her next year! But she must bring a photo of her bunny Butterscotch.
One photo is the room were at, I think there was 42 quilters and we had our own table, sweet!
One photo is gals laying their work out on the floor to make sure they had it layed out right, etc, we were all admiring each other's work.
I know next year, if I run out of my projects, the gals I sat next to will keep my machine and hands busy!

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Pat from FL and MI said...


What a wonderful first retreat, and what wonderful quilts. Oh yes, we on-line quilters are a busy lot!

Pat from FL & MI