Friday, July 11, 2008

Joys of parenthood

I was a good mom the other day. I went to Blacksburg VA to spend the night with my son and to clean his kitchen for move out day. He has to do a few minor things, but the stove was the big tackle project, all cabinets washed down in and outside.

He and 2 friends have moved into a rather large 3 bedroom house. I love the kitchen and dining area, large and spacious. A large living room, family room 1 3/4 baths, 2 enclosed sunrooms and a deck.

Adam was on the 3rd floor of his apartment building, talk about being worn out! The first truck had Holly's apartment and the 7 couches from Adam's apartment. They rented a 24 footer and it was full. Then after loading we ate lunch, my treat at Macado's-I like it! First time there. Then we unloaded the truck, back to Adam's and finish his apartment which also had Ken's stuff there. But 3pm, I was plum worn out and headed on home, 1.5 hour trip. The electricity wasn't on their house yet, water was, and I wanted a shower so badly. Flowers were wilting while I walked by them. LOL

I did stop of Trinity Schoolhouse quilt shop and picked up some fabric. I told the employee of me morning and afternoon and was afraid that I stank. Afraid to touch the fabric! She said I didn't stink all. May God Bless her for that.

I'm working on cleaning the kitchen because I have mastered turning on the faucets. Sigh. Then some machine quilting on a wallhanging for a friend whose mom is fighting her second bout of ovarian cancer.

What do these words have in common? Dresser, Potato, Revive, Banana, Assess

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